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An author needs a strong online identity. And as an author advocate and coach, I am always looking for people who can help my writing clients really shine so publishers and readers can first of all find them and then see what they have to offer. Lisa Dailey has literally made my clients shine with her website design. When one of my authors needs help with her online platform, I send her directly to Lisa.
— Cami Ostman

Author, Coach, Founder of The Narrative Project

Lisa Dailey is a unicorn: a tech trainer with terrific communication skills. Not only is she highly organized, thorough, creative, and skilled, she was eminently patient and clear as she coached me in some new skills. Many who try to teach tech to adults either go way too fast, leaving me in the dust or they are condescending as they explain things that they believe I ought to know.  Not Lisa. She found my skill level, adapted her teaching, and helped me grow. 
— Betsy Graziani Fasbinder

Author, Speaker, Coach for Writers and Speakers, Licensed Therapist

Lisa is an excellent trainer and coach. Her calm manner and grasp of technology offered me comfort when I was learning to navigate my website. Knowing she backed everything up with “how-to” materials comforted me when I was learning all these new things. She’s a born teacher and is committed to the client really understanding what they need to do.

She teaches you to ride a two-wheeler while keeping her hand gently on your back, she won’t let go until you’re ready. I feel so grateful to have crossed her path and worked with her.
— Amy S. Peele

Award-Winning Author

When one is a ‘woman of a certain age’ there are some arenas where you might be seen as a ‘wise elder’ – in others, not so much. For me, the world of technology is one of the ‘not so much’ arenas. Enter Lisa! As writer and aspiring published author, I’d been told to establish a social media presence. Okay, but I had not a clue how to do this, nor the desire to figure it out. Lisa came to my rescue. She is a great resource for anyone looking to set up a website or gain a deeper knowledge of technical issues. A kind and gentle teacher, respectful of her clients’ wishes, Lisa stuck with me every inch of the way. Even now when I have a question, she is quick with a response and ready to help. I can’t thank her enough.
— Linda

Writer, Educator, Disability Advocate

As a person easily overwhelmed by technology, I am grateful I found Lisa to do an overhaul of my website. Lisa’s strengths are her knowledge of website building, her continual exploration into how best to serve her customers, and a discernment of the appropriate level of support (and hand-holding) necessary for her clients. When I first approached Lisa, I had a plethora of ideas and intentions for my site and business overall, but no idea how to pull them all together. With Lisa’s help, we were able to create something spectacular in a relatively short amount of time. I am confident in Lisa’s services and her ideas as we continue to work together as my business expands.

— Kathie

Health and Lifestyle Coach

As a freelance journalist, to bring in and keep clients, I rely on my work getting seen. Assigning editors, potential agents, publishers—I needed to show them my work in a classy and professional way. Lisa took this general directive and ran with it. The website she created resulted in near-immediate attention from publishers. It also helped result in a new ongoing gig that brings fresh joy (besides pay) to my work life. Lisa is quick to respond to requests. She’s willing to manage the website for me or guide me to do it. Especially, I appreciate her kind and respectful approach.

— Cheryl

Author, Journalist

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